The IP address is used for default IP address for modern routers and modems. The IP address is used for accessing the router console and from the router console, the networking configuration can be setup and change related with the router. The IP address is a private IP address and this IP address is not accessible from out of the home network via internet. For connecting with the device, you have to use public IP address.

How can I login

Type the IP address on a browser address bar and press enter or you can copy paste the IP address on the browser.
For using the proper IP address, you will see the login page and type the necessary login credentials. If you do not have default username and password, you need to check the router back or read the router manual. You have to learn how to recover customized password if you have forgot. You need to use the IP address for login to the router and setup settings from the administrator panel. A user can be configured the router properly for enabling the device for connecting to the private network.

How can I find the password?

The default password is found with the device on the label or with the manual of the router but you have setup your own password in the router and you cannot remind the password what you have setup, then you have to reset the router. All networking devices have the reset button what looks tiny and you may need to use toothpick or needle to press the reset button for 15 seconds. Once you reset the router, you need to enter the router with default login details and setup your custom password.
The IP address is set as a default IP address of various networking devices and access points. Even, this IP address is located in a router in local network. Thus, the IP address confliction problem can be skipped on the LAN.