The IP address belongs to Class A IP address and it is used as a default IP address in many routers. The IP address is used for access the control panel of the router and configured the network.
The way of login to a router using
For login to the router of, you need to use a browser and type the IP address of the browser address bar, now press on Enter button from keyboard. A login page will come up where to use the username and password, Press on Enter button. If you are unknown the location of the login information, you need to see back of the router. If you still cannot find the default password from the back side of the device, then check the manual or visit manufacturer site.
For setting up the network in the device Dial-up or DSL or other methods can be used. You need to put username and password what you have got from the Internet service provider. You can also setup Google DNSs and in the console panel of the router. You can change the default login credentials.

Cannot connect to
The IP address is used for accessing the network of the device and connect to the internet. Once the wireless devices get connection with the local area network, the IP address will show on TCP/IP network gateway settings of the wireless devices. By the ping console, it is possible to locate the devices what are connected to the IP address

Common issues are:
The incorrect IP address will not get response from gateway device. The networking device may use different IP address. The default IP address is found on the back of the device or in the manual of the router.
SSID network is set in the router and the Wi-Fi users use the SSID to connect with the network and the IP address gets connected with the device automatically. Most of the networking devices also depend on automatic client address assignment. Any problem in this process are unusual but can cause a client entry settings to be corrupted.