The default IP address is found in many broadband routers and this IP address is common in Belkin and SMC models’ routers. Manufacturer set the IP address in the routers as default. This IP address is used for login to the router and setup necessary configure the router or changing router specification.
Login to router IP Address
If your router uses the IP address as default, you have to use this IP address for login to the router using console. To use the IP address, you need to use a browser and type the IP address on the address bar and press on Enter button. You need to confirm that you have typed correct IP address http:/ Do not type http://www.

Once the connection is completed with the correct IP address, the user needs to put the default username and password on the place of login form and press on Enter button. If you get “This webpage is not available” message when you attempt to login, it means that the router is not connected with PC.
Many networking providers provides all login details including networking equipment and the user of the ISP need to use a name instead on the browser URL instead of IP address.

What restrictions do I face when using

The IP address is a private IP address and this IPv4 of the router cannot be accessed from the outside of the home network. The user need to use public IP address if he needs to access the router. If the user wants to use two routers in LAN or same network, then he needs to use two different IP addresses to avoiding confliction.
To approve the IP address of a local router is using, the user needs to get the default gateway what is set on a device presently connected to it. However, if you unable to check the IP address, you can see our tutorial on how to check your router’s IP address.

How can I alternate the address

For changing the IP address, the user needs to access the router’s admin console and from the router console, the user will get option to change the default IP address or any IP address what was set.

How can I reach

The IP address should be typed manually on the browser’s address bar to reach to the control panel of the router. If the user forgot the custom password, the user needs to reset the router and flip the router to get default password for login. To reset the device click on the button for 10 seconds.