192.168.l.l, Why I Can’t Login?

Sometimes we make something very difficult which should have been very easy. This is just human tendency to think everything in difficult way. In most cases, we face such problem with the internet or network connection and technology. But they have very easy and better solution. For various pressure, we cannot think very easily.

Let’s think about default Ip address which is set by manufacturers. Something we do not notice much and type the address in the browser address bar 192.168.l.l which is completely wrong. Instead of 1.1 we type i.i. If you type this wrong address once in browser then the address is set in the browser history and when ever you try to log in this address will come up. If this goes on then you cannot get in touch with World.

Remember IP address is made with some numbers and dot(.). There is no alphabet or any symbol used in IP address. So, already you have understand that you should type which is correct but not 192.168.l.l. If you type right default IP address of your wireless router in your browser then you can log in.

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