Generally, the IP address is used as default IP address in D-Link and Netgear model routers like IP addresses. This IP address is a IPv4 private IP address and it is found in general home routers. In a LAN, the IP address should be unique for avoiding the confliction at bay.

How to login to

For login to the router, type the default IP address on the browser’s address bar. After pressing the Enter button, the login page will be loaded and type the login credential. If the default login username and password are unknown, read the manual of the router to get the default credentials. Once you have logged in the router, you can change settings and put DNS, IP allocation, Routing etc. settings.

Why am I incapable to access

Due to the wrong IP address, you may unable to access the router and check the IP address first. Some users do mistake while they type the IP address. Read the tutorial how to find your router IP address in various operating systems. IF you have used correct IP address but you cannot get the login page, make sure that the antivirus or firewall is turned off temporarily.

How can I change my router password?

Changing the password is necessary for securing the network and networking device. For changing the password, you need to access the login page and login to the router with default login credentials and change password from the router console. Now change the password and you may need to retype the password for confirming.

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